Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked


Saturday, June 8, 2019 – Sunday, June 9, 201

The Expo tradeshow is FREE to all guests this year!

Free admission includes any events that take place on that particular day, including seminars, demos, Diva Dialogue, and more!

10 A.M. on Saturday and 12 P.M. on Sunday


Friday, June 7th – 12 PM – 5 PM and Saturday, June 9th 8 AM – 9 AM through the back doors of Exhibit Hall B. After 9 AM on Saturday, the back doors will be officially closed, and all vendors must enter the hall through the front doors of Hall B.

Sunday June 9th 6 PM – 11:59 PM.

Moving in heavy props or equipment on Saturday morning is highly discouraged, as the only entry to the Hall you will have is through the front hall doors. Exhibitors will have access to Hall B on Saturday morning from 8 AM – 9 AM to complete their final set up. We ask that no exhibitors enter through the front doors with set-up materials once the doors have officially opened to the public.

Yes, for an additional $75. Contact the Expo office for more information.

You can purchase extra items at or during check-in on Friday, June 7th.

Call Smart City. Vendors are responsible for payments for their own electricity. These arrangements should be made in advance, no later than two weeks prior to the Expo.

Call Smart City at (713) 853-8988. Vendors are responsible for payments for their own phone line. These arrangements should be made in advance, no later than two weeks prior to the Expo.

Food, open beverages, drugs, alcohol, fire arms, explosives, and any potentially offensive or sexually explicit items.

Yes. HELIUM BALLOONS MAY NOT be brought into the Expo hall, and your set-up should not be disruptive to neighboring exhibitors in any way (music, loud noises, walls that block the neighboring booth’s clear line of sight, etc.).

2019 Expo Tradeshow Notices - FAQ's

Absolutely NO personal checks will be accepted after May 6, 2019.

There will be NO FREE PARKING. Please be prepared to pay $10 per day for parking. You can park in the loading dock behind Hall B of the Convention Center. We apologize for this inconvenience; however this is a policy of the George R. Brown, not the Texas Black Expo.

Absolutely NO HELIUM BALLOONS will be allowed in the expo hall (by order of George R. Brown Convention Center).

NO LATE SET-UP. Expo doors cannot open until all of the aisles are free and clear of debris. All booth set-up must be complete by 9 AM on Saturday. Any vendor with debris in the aisles after 9 AM will be assessed a $100 penalty. This includes but is not limited to: boxes, dollies, clothing racks, etc.

NO “SQUATTING”. As a vendor, you have invested a lot of time and money into participating in the Expo. However, there are people who were not willing to make the same investment as you, but who want to receive the same benefits. These individuals will stand in front of your booth and hand out business cards, flyers, and other marketing materials. We do our best to stop this from occurring, but we need your help. If you witness an individual handing out or distributing marketing material illegally, please let one of our staff, volunteers, or security know immediately. Thanks for your cooperation.

NO UNPERMITTED FOOD SAMPLES. You must get approval from ARAMARK Catering (contact them through the George R. Brown Convention Center) and receive a Temporary Health Permit from the City of Houston in order to give out food samples. This permit, which should be obtained no later than two weeks before the Expo, must be clearly displayed in your booth. If not, your booth can be shut down by the City of Houston Health Department! Please take appropriate steps prior to Expo day.

NO REFUNDS FOR FAILURE TO COMPLY. If your exhibitor booth is shut down by the George R. Brown Convention Center, the Fire Marshall, the City of Houston Health Department, or any other entity because of your non-compliance with their regulations, you are not entitled to a refund of any payments made to the Texas Black Expo or its affiliates for your participation in the tradeshow. Therefore, please make every effort to ensure your complete compliance with all stated policies!


Each vendor needs to have a valid Texas Sales Tax ID number. In previous years, the Texas State Comptroller’s office has attended the Texas Black Expo tradeshow to verify ID numbers and attempt to collect unpaid sales and franchise taxes. Should you have a balance with the Comptroller, we strongly urge you to make arrangements with them prior to the Expo.

The Texas Black Expo office will be closed from 12 pm on Thursday, June 6th through Monday, June 10th. Please call (832) 200-0540 before 12 pm on Thursday, June 6, 2018, with any questions or concerns regarding the event or your exhibitor booth space. After this time, Expo representatives will be present at the George R. Brown Convention Center, Hall , to answer questions and to assist you with any of your vendor needs.

See you at the Texas Black Expo Summer Celebration!